After Van Gogh

I sprinkled sunflower petals into warm water,

to make them gold. 

Then dipped my body quietly in the bathtub.

The morning light peeked through lemon colored grass, 

and fate seemed to dissolve in pearly waves 

My lifted hand reached for the sunlight,

the feeble fingers swayed like dandelions.

A swollen gaze perched on the broken mirror,

a burning sensation impregnated my chafed lips; turning them bitter.

I see how , the beauty they preached about is not divine 

Nothing in this world stays sublime.

I see how the

The ancient saffron tinted wall,

kisses the amber floor.

Everything fire; everything gold,

yet no power can assuage the murkiness inside.

My dear Van Gogh how could you think,

that by eating yellow

you could have lifted your spirits?

Artwork by: Sana Saeed