Within myself, within your gaze’s view,

A dual existence strives to bloom anew,

Two facets of my being collide,

A clash of dispositions, hearts divide.


A symphony of colors paints the scene,

Azure shades entwine with gold and sheen,

Bluejay’s feathers fall like shattered dreams,

A hoopoe’s halo gleams with dazzling beams.


A battlefield of thoughts, emotions roar,

Deafening echoes pierce, hearts sore,

The hoopoe charges forth with pride ablaze,

Bluejay’s wings of resolve in a desperate haze.


Blood and faith intermingle in the fray,

Broken wings of hope, skies turn gray,

Empires crumble, yet through the strife,

A phoenix may emerge, new from life.


As distant echoes fade, a new dawn’s kiss,

A surrendering of blue, a golden bliss,

The hoopoe, once fierce, now gently nears,

Whispers softly, soothing all the fears;


“Embrace both hues within your core,

Blend the shades, like never before,

For in unity, strength shall stand tall,

Be both, be neither, rise above the fall.”