I love you and I always will

thanks for all the good times

your smile and kindness

meant so much to me

while you were alive.


Sometimes, though, you ticked me off

but let’s not talk of that right now

I’m just saying I’m sorry you’re gone

ignoring what needs to be ignored

say, I miss you.


We have always mumbled over graves

shouting into the black forest

walking down the street 

they all have new expressions

the city indifferent

as notes to the dead are played on a keyboard

for everyone alive to hear.


How articulate

how brave

our dreadful loss, our unhealed scar

of a monologue, a soliloquy

woe is me

until we’re alone onstage too

words untold echo and fade

all mouths and ears have closed.

Photography by: Daniel Peters on Unsplash