This place has changed for good
Your economic theory said it would

—Gordon Matthew “Sting” Sumner


Beneath the surface you stand on,

Those structures that empower

Take away.


We manufacture the minerals for these companies of exploitation,

We recline as red carpets for the bourgeoise too posh to walk on dirt,

We clear caverns of cold steel to expand those palaces built on our own homes.


We navigate these concrete jungles,

Searching for an upward surge

To propel us to righthood,

From a battle long lost,

Against greed, and cruelty.

A struggle for soft power

Between nations of rock-hard strength,

Crushing the world inside.


We are the revolutionaries.

Alone, we have no eyes, voice, or power.

Together we run the world,

But divided, our potential was stolen,

A puzzle with its pieces scattered.

We Are The Diggers.


Photography by: Andreea Ch on Pexels