Bangude Meen
Skillet. Sizzle. Sputter
Skin of the mackerel crisping
Waft of vinegar, chilly, turmeric
and the sea

What does it say
that a mixture of
beaten and puffed
moods, days, rice
in our stories,
in our lives,
on our plates
all comes together
in the end?

Breaking Back, or Prawn Cleaning
The cold blade of fate
slices through the cloud of flesh
excavating veins: the remnants of life.

Desire is a heart of bunched rubies
nestled in white lace filigree

waiting patiently for steady hands to reach
and nimbly part its crowned coat of red felt.
O then how the flesh gives
tart in surrender,

abandoning the nub of its seeds
to be tongued.

A lion’s share of her
subconscious steam
is guzzled by the
hot, greasy machine
of interminable planning

Then in fair sheets she
hands out lists
Tasks delegated
He will feel like
he is pulling his weight

Photography by: Margarita Zueva on Unsplash