Your promises of Heaven were void

Now that you’ve even stolen the ground beneath her feet

I saw your faces in old pictures, alive

Of a time long before I arrived

Foolishly blissful smiles, proof of a seemingly undying love –

Memories of your youth that seemed frozen in time


But all good things must come to a stop

And now that I see your pictures again

I see through your facades of joy

And feel the sadness of an untimely End foreseen

Buried in her eyes

I think she knew what would come

Like I do now


That they would come when the time was ripe

Raise their hammers 

And smash your human delusions dry

Disenchanting your souls, 

Separating them forever


If all we find, we eventually lose

If all we have, only gets divided

If all we know never really existed


Then I have learnt from you 

That all creation ends only in destruction

                                  And I know nothing is, ever was or ever will be.