My heart stopped a little when I saw him last night ,

but I think with the right mix of water, ice and Black Label

you can get things going again.

I turned on my heel fifteen times, thinking I should say hello

 but the sixteenth time

I decided to refill my drink.

 I cried in the lounge, overwhelmed

while the qawwal crooned on about lost love

and found god.

 When my friends decided to leave

and enough men had hit on me

 I made my way to roll a joint.

Hello! I like your tattoo!

a boring loser guy said,

and told me he had one

of his favorite football team all over his back.

He showed me a picture on his phone

 and I grimaced and tried to scare him away

because he wasn’t the one.

 none of them really are.

When he found me on social media and left me a message

 I was too sad to say hello.

People say goodbyes are difficult

but I guess they’ve never been to a wedding

 in Lahore.

Artwork By: Sarah Mumtaz