For my students

If it’s rain
let’s begin
from the beginning.
Was there music?
or rather
the damn burst of silence?

Did you see him
in absent cars,
stuck in traffic like an avatar
or rather the chase
following you home?

Did you just miss him
at a party
or was he always there
and you saw him through
the moon-silver shadows?

Does he even know your name
or are you laughing in retreats
like the ever-sea?

is the star focused on you
or is it crossed
across the street from
your love
like a dark glove?

Will you recall
his eyes on your eyes,
opal, pyrite, rose quartz?

That bohemian, un-sent
letter of whiskey;
who could pour it like a song?
You crafted needle cross-stitch
at the edges of moon,

Know this is a secret moon
in your white breast-pocket
radiant only to those
who can see in the dark.
So if he’s a cat
he is yours.

If not, remember
to dismember bone from blood
but also
For the wolf initiate,
is beauty unleashed.

But have mercy then
on the lacking world
for it will never catch up
to your moves now.

Photography by: @kellysikkema at Unsplash